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Bill is a legend in the northwest conservation community, dedicating many years of his life to the Sierra Club among other organizations. He is leading the fight against deadbeat dams, and isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. We are honored to feature such a prominent figure in this community. 

Man kneeling in water holding fish

Rivers are the arteries of life for the Northwest sending their waters to the ocean and coming back in the form of snow and rain to nurture watersheds, salmon and steelhead and all who use these waters as they once again work their way back toward the ocean.  For me rivers also provide a place where I renew my spirit, find peace in an often too hectic world, and feel connected and re-connected to the natural world that sustains us all.  Rivers change constantly.  They evolve, change course, move gravel, grow forests and provide abundance – if allowed to do so – for fish, wildlife and people.  We are blessed in the Northwest to still have many wild and free flowing rivers.  We have also dammed too many.  Liberating the White Salmon from the Condit dam and Elwha River from it’s dams have restored living rivers and salmon runs.  We must restore the lower Snake River by removing four outdated and low value dams to restore its fabled salmon runs, and provide food for our starving orca.  Let’s restore the balance between dams and salmon and renew both our rivers and ourselves.

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