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Columbia River Roundtable

Statement of Principles


The Columbia River Round Table includes citizens, businesses, and other organizations in Canada and the United States who support an updated Canada – U.S. Columbia River Treaty.  An updated Treaty will:

1.    Make protection and restoration of the ecological health and ecosystem function of the Columbia River and its tributaries an explicit and equal Treaty purpose;

2.    Create resilience to climate change and other environmental threats within the Columbia watershed by restoring ecosystem functions and enhancing ecological health;

3.    Reduce harmful impacts of dams and reservoirs;

4.    Restore salmon and other anadromous fish throughout their historic habitats, and protect and restore other native fish and wildlife and their habitats;

5.    Honour and support Columbia River First Nations and Tribes as leaders in bringing ecosystem function and salmon restoration into the Treaty; and,

6.    Be transparent and inclusive, so future basin governance and Treaty arrangements meaningfully engage all affected people.

Founding Members (Originally approving the Statement of Principles)

Bill Arthur
Joseph Bogaard
Martin Carver
Eileen Delehanty Pearkes
John DeVoe
Bonnie Douglas
Denise Dufault
Hans Dummerauf
Ken Farquharson
Pat Ford
Raelene Gold
Fred Huett
Ken Jones
Rhett Lawrence
Jody Lownds
Ed McGinnis
Bob Mirasole
Gerry Nellestign
John Osborn
Rachael Paschal Osborn
John Roskelley
Mindy Smith
Tom Soeldner
Crystal Spicer
Janet Spicer
Greg Utzig
Ava Waxman
Adam Wicks-Arshack
Jennifer Yeow

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