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If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities below, please contact CELP’s Executive Director, Suzanne Skinner.

Legal Work  and Interns

CELP reaches as far as it does thanks to volunteer attorneys, paralegals, and law students. We welcome volunteer attorneys and paralegals to work with us on policy, legislation, and especially litigation.

CELP also hires student interns throughout the year.  Legal interns working with CELP are closely supervised, working elbow to elbow with CELP staff attorneys and other counsel. CELP interns never write memos for the file.  They do substantive legal and policy work that makes a difference.

Prospective interns should send cover letters, resumes, and a writing sample when contacting the Executive Director.

Scientists and Water Resource Specialists

CELP strives to bring science-based water management to Washington.  If you have technical skills that you would like to share, we would like to work with you.


CELP is its members.  CELP’s membership provides the core financial support for CELP’s work.  You can help others understand the importance of acting now to save our rivers and aquifers.

  • Send an email or letter to your friends explaining why you support CELP and encouraging them to join.  We can help you write and send the email or letter.
  • Like to invite friends over?  Hold a house party and invite friends to meet CELP’s Executive Director, Board Members and Staff.   We can help you organize the gathering.
  • Invite CELP to speak in front of your group or community.
  • Do you have  a “marketing” background?  No doubt you have creative skills that will help CELP explain why folks should care about rivers and aquifers—now more than ever.

Development  and Marketing

If you would like to take part in our fundraising efforts and see what goes on behind the scenes, we could use your help.

  • Do you like to organize events?  Help us organize and put on our next successful reception or conference.
  • Do you have grant writing skills or experience?  Help us find grants to sustain our work.

Website, Social Media, and Computers

CELP cannot afford IT professionals/graphic designers.  Sharing your IT/design skills can help CELP function at the highest standards and increase its effectiveness.  If you have skills to share, CELP needs you.

Office Work

Are you in Seattle?  We could use your help with our  mailings, and other light office work in CELP’s downtown office.

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