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Amplify Voices in Your Community

Civic engagement is the foundation of our democracy. When we ensure inclusive engagement, we inspire more effective leadership and foster happier, healthier communities. Washington’s waterways and the wildlife that depend on them do not have a voice, so it is our responsibility to be their advocates.

Get to Know Your District

Everyone in Washington State is represented by six legislators: three Representatives in the state legislature and in Congress by two statewide Senators, and one local Representative. To find out which district you belong to and who your legislators are, enter your street name, city and zip code.

Register to Vote

Politicians listen to two things: money and votes. Increasing the number of people that vote in each election means better representation and more funding to our communities. Voting is more than just electing a candidate, it’s choosing representatives who have your best interest in mind so that they choose the right policies when making decisions that will affect our community, state and nation. Even if you think you are registered—double check—and ensure all of your personal information is up to date.

Participate in the Process

While voting for a candidate you trust is important, its unlikely that they will agree with you on every issue. Make your voice heard on individual bills by participating in committee hearings. You can achieve this through one of three ways: 1) testifying  in a virtual hearing, 2) submitting written testimony, or 3) have your position noted for the legislative record by signing in “pro” or “con”.

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