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May 6th, and now also May 5th, is 501 Commons GiveBIG event, an online charitable day of giving to support non-profits in Washington.  Now the need toGiveBIG is bigger than ever.

Together we can make Washington a better place to live. CELP’s vision for a better future is that Washington state will have adequate and sustainable water supplies to support healthy ecosystems, thriving fish and wildlife, and robust communities. 

Support CELP’s vision and GiveBIG for healthy and abundant waters in Washington. This year a generous donor agreed to match donations dollar for dollar until we reach our $5,000 goal.

Make a donation to CELP here

Salmon by Danny Moore

Your support during GiveBIG will allow CELP to continue to advocate for sustainable instream flows for our rivers, work alongside Native American Tribes to protect their treaty and fishing rights, participate in streamflow restoration work groups, and connect with our communities around water issues.

We are continuing to do our important work because our water resources also face tremendous challenges. Our water supplies face ongoing threats from climate change, increasing development, and rollbacks of environmental protections. All this makes CELP’s work more critical than ever. With your support, CELP continues to make progress for Washington’s waters. See some of our victories here.

Spokane River by Julie Titone

Our work would not be possible without you. We rely on generous donations from our members and supporters to hold our lawmakers and agencies accountable for protecting Washington’s rivers and streams. And what better way to donate than to participate in the largest 48-hour online giving campaign in the region.

Gifts can also be scheduled ahead of time starting April 15th! If you’d like to participate in GiveBIG, set an alarm, mark your calendars, or schedule your donation today! Early giving allows you to schedule your donation before the 48 hour window starting May 5th and ensures that you have the opportunity to donate when it’s convenient and top of mind.

Schedule your donation now!

We greatly appreciate your commitment to our mission of protecting waters in Washington State! 

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