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Nicole is an educator, Eastern Washington resident, and Snoqualmie tribal member.

Water has always held a special role in my life. Since I was a child, I have always known water to be a place of gathering and enjoying the company of your favorite people. As children, my parents often took my brother and I out to local lakes to boat, fish, and camp with friends and family. Fast forward to the present, we still enjoy the same activities and more at our favorite sources of water.  

As I’ve grown into an adult, the role of water in my life has evolved into something I appreciate in a sacred way. Water has become the place where I think and reflect on my journey and in what direction I want to travel next. Water is also my place to stop to reconnect with nature and find the beauty in life. The Snoqualmie Falls and the waterways connected to it are of particular importance for me. As a child I was taught that the Falls are sacred and the mist is healing. It is a place where I have long since gone to connect with my ancestors to heal and find solace and joy. The Cedar watershed is my favorite watershed. 

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